WACPAW, In Collaboration With EonA, Constructed A Ramp At The Olive Abattoir In Gbawe (Ghana) To Reduce Injuries Among Pigs During Off-Loading.

On August 9, 2023, West Africa Centre for the Protection of Animal Welfare(WACPAW), in collaboration with Eyes on Animals (EonA), constructed a substantial concrete ramp at the olive pig abattoir in Gbawe. This problem was identified during a field visit to the abattoir in December 2022. The team observed that pigs were being forcefully pushed off trucks lacking loading ramps, causing them to fall more than a meter on the concrete pavement. This normally results in injuries and anxiety among pigs.

A sturdy concrete ramp was built right at the entrance of the abattoir to help solve the problems of injuries and anxiety among pigs during off-loading.

And also, a small mobile ramp with two levels was created, which will be used by the trucks with the aim of preventing the pigs from jumping on top of one another. This collaborative intervention has put smiles on the faces of the slaughter manager and the workers.

These two organizations are looking forward to more interventions to end animal cruelty. The concrete ramp has significantly improved the welfare of the pigs as they are now able to walk down it smoothly without any fear or injuries. The mobile ramp has also proved to be highly effective in preventing accidents and ensuring the safety of the animals during transportation. With the success of these interventions, both organizations are motivated to continue working together and implementing more measures that would eradicate animal cruelty in the abattoir industry.