Training on Plant-Based diet

THE COMPASSIONATE PEOPLE  program is aimed at educating and advocating for a compassionate and empathetic relationship between humans towards animals and the environment. The program aims to educate people on the importance of being compassionate to every creature, especially animals, by consuming plant-based food. 

On Friday, September 1, 2023,  WACPAW engaged the staff and class six pupils of Chogu Yapalsi M/A Primary School in the Sagnarigu Municipality of Northern Ghana to educate and train them on how to prepare plant-based diets using cheap available but nutritious diets.

The staff and the pupils were first taken through the theoretical aspect of training by Mr. Abdul Satar, the project coordinator. He discussed what a plant-based diet is and demonstrated how important the consumption of plant-based food to our health, the environment, and ultimately the lives of animals. Madam Bailawu, an avid vegetable crop farmer who is a volunteer at WACPAW then took the participants through the practical aspect of preparing simple, low-cost plant-based food using low-cost and available food ingredients. She thought about how to prepare three different types of stew which included, pure vegetable source stew, beans stew, and agushi stew which could go with either plain rice, boiled yam or fried plantain. Both teachers and students were so amazed and excited about how she easily blended those ingredients to prepare the dishes. Some of the teachers admitted they had a weird perception about plant-based food advocates but our intervention has demystified that. The director of WACPAW then continued to talk about how being compassionate and empathetic towards animals could lead to self-control. He asked about how many of the students have animals at home. 51 said yes and 31 said they have Dogs and Cats too. Unfortunately, none of those pets were vaccinated against rabies so their details were taken for them to be vaccinated at a later date. Five of the students promised to put the knowledge acquired to use to prepare plant-based food for us the next we visited them. In all,7 teachers and 120 students took part in the training. The *Compassionate People * is one of the projects Eyes on Animals is supporting to get 3200 students from basic and second cycle schools to embrace animal welfare and environmental protection in 2025. Thank you EonA, Chogu Yapalsi M/A Primary, and all our supporters for the continued support over the years. We are very grateful.