Plant-based training

Our Plant-Based Diet campaign bus visited St James R/C JHS to provide the students with comprehensive education and training on the immense significance of plant-based diets for their overall well-being, animal welfare, and the environment. During the session, we took the opportunity to showcase the preparation of a variety of delectable plant-based meals using affordable, easily accessible, and nutritious ingredients such as vegetable oil rice, egusi stew with gari/banku, and vegetable noodles. Notably, all these culinary delights were skillfully crafted without the inclusion of any animal protein. The program proved to be a remarkable experience, with the students actively engaging and expressing their astonishment at the possibility of creating such delightful dishes without the use of meat or Maggi seasoning. Some even expressed their enthusiasm to replicate the recipes at home in collaboration with their parents. The headteacher, filled with enthusiasm, expressed gratitude for extending the program to their school and also requested our assistance in establishing a vegetable garden to further support the campaign. We extend our heartfelt appreciation to the headteacher, faculty, and students of St James R/C JHS for their enthusiastic participation in the Plant-Based Diet campaign. Additionally, we would like to express our gratitude to Eyes on Animals for their generous financial support, making this program possible. #eyesonanimals #animaladvocate #animalwelfare #veganfood