Inspection of dog market in bolgatanga

Bolgatanga is the capital city of upper region of Ghana.The dominant tribes there are Frafras, kasinas and Gurunsi.The people there are mostly peasant farmers and poverty level s there is relatively high. Most of the uneducated young people there are have either traded or is trading in either live dogs and cats or their meat. The Bolga dog and cat market is a weekly business day where live dogs and cats are brought from far and near to be sold to mostly consumers. The cats and dogs are brought in cages without food or water. Their population could reach 70 on each market day. Our team observed serious welfare challenges including, lack of food and water, rough handling, untreated injuries and wounds, chained all day, most of them were looking very sick and has never been vaccinated for anything and emaciated. We engaged their leadership on how we could help fix some of the immediate problems and work towards finding alternate source of livelihood them and eventually close the market. They were very open and frank with us. It is our hope and believe that the market would be closed in the near future.