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Read and accept the displayed license agreement, then proceed as directed. Click Update to update your software. After the update has completed, you will see a message confirming the successful installation of the new version. You are required to update all FileMaker Pro 14 products; you cannot update a single product.

OS X: The version information may not be updated until the next time you log in or restart. You must restart your computer before using the software. If the update does not complete successfully, try the following: Create backup copies of any files you saved in the FileMaker Pro 14 or FileMaker Pro 14 Advanced application folder. Run the updater program again. Was this answer helpful? Yes No. Ask A Question.

The last version of OSX supported was Oct 8, AM. It does not work, response from Filemaker ‘tough’, you could always upgrade at a prohibitive cost, another cheaper alternative might be to but a second-hand Mac but keep to an old OS. Oct 9, AM. Question: Q: filemaker pro 14 and mojave? More Less. Community Get Support. Sign in Sign in Sign in corporate. Browse Search. Ask a question. User profile for user: Kustwacht Kustwacht. Question: Q: Question: Q: filemaker pro 14 and mojave?

Is there a solution? Reply I have this question too 19 I have this question too Me too 19 Me too. Question marked as Apple recommended User profile for user: dialabrain dialabrain.

Answer: A: Answer: A: That’s possible.


– Mojave filemaker pro 14 free

I’d be up for reproducing anything that is not known, and mojave filemaker pro 14 free to supply FileMaker with more info about what is broken. And when the final shipping release happens, they do the process again. Unlike Windows, Apple is willing to rework the basement, release after release, year after year – if it delivers better security and privacy. We got quite some customers running FM When I first upgrade the OS, I didn’t see the operator buttons in the dialog, but I never mojave filemaker pro 14 free those, and there’s an easy way to reset the GUI in one step. This conversation is heading back into the ridiculous. MacOS will always be supported in FileMaker.


Mojave filemaker pro 14 free. Updates and release notes


Everyone, this is a healthy discussion about important topics – release schedules for FileMaker platform software in relation to OS releases, and compatibility with non GA versions of FileMaker.

In my opinion, the current software release life cycle for the FileMaker platform is flawed, coupled with the diverse licensing strategies – not very Apple like, but FileMaker is it’s own thing. This opinion is shared by many in the community, and I understand why others are not so up for the discussion – what can we do?

The important thing is having these discussions, in dedicated topics, to discuss from time to time. There’s no need to lay blame any anyone’s feet – each company and development team have their own strategies and software life cycles. Personally, if I were in charge, FileMaker would be an annual subscription platform, on a per user, perhaps per server basis.

Volume discounts. Reasonably priced, but certainly maximizing profit potential. Pricing is transparent and available on a pricing page, and no need to call anyone. Continuous release cycle. The most up-to-date version always available to subscribers. Compatibility releases with each OS release. I’d really like to know how much coders there is at filemaker?

FMI is hiring like crazy. They have software engineering teams in CA, TX, Given the tightening job market for experienced developers, I also wonder how many seats are hot, and how many are ready to fill. I’m not sure, and I’m not sure Adobe tells us how many engineers they have. Do you think that’s a number any company would want to give out? What makes you state this as any kind of qualifier? What if they had one super-engineer doing all the work of engineers at another company?

How is this going to sway any argument in the thread so far? Meh, workforce productivity ratios, but we’re missing a few variables. I’m not asking FileMaker to solve anything for me, I just ask them not to create problems themselves by not being able to update their software in a timely manner like tons of other companies do, especially if they’re apple owned.

I’m just saying that this Mojave compabitlity issues are just a total PR disaster, demolishing marketing and advocating efforts, and that’s it shouting themselves in the foot while other companies, that aren’t apple owned have no such issue.

Your sound deployment advises have nothing to do with the issue, the issue is that Filemaker is super late in the Mojave compatibility stuff, that it harms the platform perception a lot, make us waste time to explain user, but also make us responsible admin postponed upgrades that users want or need new macs. That’s just a waste of time and efforts, like the very existence of that thread which would have never existed just if FMI could release that dam upgrade like tons of other companies untied to apple furthermore , do.

So the point of that thread is to tell FMI, that this delayed upgrade stuff is hurting the platform a lot, that it can’t be possibly seen in a good way by regular users, and that as an apple company it’s even more important.

When you want to do marketing, you try to avoid bad stuff. So I’m telling FMI : don’t overlook this, don’t shy way, it’s important. Did I? I did not brought this topic. Since somebody else talked about it, I was just asking out of curiosity. Because I’m curious about it.

The qualifier may have been in the perceived intent of the post in the sequence of the thread. I was trying to interpret why the number of FMi engineer would have any bearing on the topic at hand,. Since neither you nor I are native English speakers we can probably leave it at that.

I have hope for it. Cool, knowledgeable people are here that can steer it the right way. Does anyone find it peculiar, the way I do, that I get all kinds of email notices from FileMaker, including telling me things I don’t need to know e.

Instead, I get the news from colleagues and threads like this one.. On September 24, a blog post here was put out about FileMaker and Mojave. While Filemaker’s major updates 14, 15, 16 and 17 added a lot of UI functionality and were very welcome for improving the limited way we had to present data, I can not really say I’ve noticed the same for annual OS X releases.

What concerns me more is the now annual version upgrades for both Filemaker and the OS X and the never ending dot version updates which also have to should be tested before going into production. More headaches I don’t need. Nag dialogues for updates and new releases don’t help and hardly reinforce the cautious approach users should take before upgrading.

I guess what I’m really pissed at, is lack of stability and bugs in early version releases are considered acceptable in this day and age, marketing and releasing new versions seem more important than bullet proofing what we already have.

I got stung with the hike in maintenance agreement costs this year, I locked in for a further 3 years. I’ll happily take the updates to come over that time as OS X transitions to full 64bit, but when this current maintenance agreement expires I’ll take a cold hard look at the Filemaker platform, FMI have massively increased their “spoils” from the gravy train but are now giving precious little back for the increased cost.

Screenshot taken today. No information that there will be an update including Mojave compatility. I still struggle with this. Maybe, it’s a question of where to set the focus. Maybe there are more important things WIP with all the need of related tools. If the daughter doesn’t have the necessary information – who else?

I tried to vote it up but cannot access to your idea, get a “generic” error. Strange, seems to be broken. A three months period for achieving compatibility with a new OS version is fair game.

This should be the policy. If there is, for a particular version, need for additional time because of unforeseen difficulties, proactive communication helps a lot. FMI should make sure that all resellers beginning with Apple proactively communicate existing compatibility limitations i. There could also be a ‘check system compatibility’ button right on the webshop landing page that gives direct access to compatibility information, or a technical FAQ like the one for licensing.

Both FMI and Apple marketing is all about the ease if of use. While I agree somewhat with your comment I think that the product is maturing at a faster rate then we have seen for some time. At last focus is being given to the issues that have prevented FileMaker use in larger scale projects – Clay had a slide that shows the underlying work that is being undertaken to remove the Java stack and replace with Node.

JS for the server technology. This is a huge engineering project that will deliver many improvements in the coming years. They have limited resources, have a seemingly somewhat hands off approach from Apple and a very active marketing team.

It must be a struggle internally if you are in the engineering teams. I can second this. V 17 is a net improvement when coming from v 16 and we have to salute FMI for this notable exception: the left-outs in the server GUI.

If marketing touts ease of use ahead of anything else, closing the compatibility gap with a new OS version within 3 months should be part of the planning.

If not, a disconnect between marketing and engineering becomes obvious. I do not think that a three months period is cool. There might be reasons for this – but it’s not cool because many people are waiting for new Mac’s I would also expect that FileMaker Go 17 is allready ready for the new 11″ iOS devices – they are not but this is a minor problem, it’s just the screen size that differs a bit.

Not only the missing [operators]. I have a very strange behavior in custom fonction windows too: Every click leaves a blue mark. Don’t upgrade??? Which is somewhat of a shame. Same with my 13″ MBAir.

Louis, be happy, you can read the text. From my side, I got the most part of time blank screen. This is not my case, nor is FMP As far as plugins are concerned, this is not possible in all cases.

So I’m forced to deliver a runtime solution to it but no way to plot a graph in the Runtime version of FileMaker unless you add a PlugIn. Same for another more vertical application that requires the use of RSA coded headings, this is not a fantasy, it is the law for this application to be approved by the tax authorities.

It is still surprising that five and a half months after Mojave’s first rush, an Apple branch is not able to deliver a version that works properly on Mojave. Personally, I tried the first beta version of Maojave from June 12th. I mentioned this fact on a thread, the only reaction FileMaker was a threat on the pretext that I exceeded the guidelines of Apple DNA about beta softwares. Again, I got the impression as I right now that FileMaker does not care about the advice of developers and users.

Next year we will have the same state, in May a new version 18 of FileMaker that will be not compatible with the next version of macOS. I’m testing another environment like 4D to do the same thing as FileMaker. This is a huge investment that I made by learning how to use and then develop on FileMaker and I am very disappointed by the lack of engagement of the FMI with members of its community.

We got quite some customers running FM For some of them, going to 17 is planned, for some of them that’s not possible for several reason. I also got virtual machines, besides of the startup time really fine, fast and smooth enough for FileMaker. But not enough space on the ‘Air’ or on the touchbar MacBook.

Mojave VM takes nearly a gig’s Excellent machine with crisp display. Definitely true that budgets and resource allocation play a significant role in this. Budgets and resource allocation reflect priorities and when I see idiotic videos that must cost a lot of money I can’t help but reach the conclusion that marketing is winning those turf battles.

It is completely illegal, and rightly so, for Apple to give any of its subsidiaries a competitive advantage! It is not true to say that FileMaker is the only application with compatibility issues. Some never will! This is a major Os release, there are bound to be some wrinkles! The blog post certainly does not explicitly say “bury this in the community where only the most devoted users will see it” but it seems to be evident between the lines.

Also, it is worth noting that since September 24 the blog post has had only 25 comments where as this one began 2 days ago and already has triple that number. Thanks to your reminder about it, I now recall reading it and advising some of my clients to hold off until further notice, and the leaders of my local user group mentioned that the consequences are more serious for Server than for Pro.

As to the number of engineers, perhaps you’re right that engineers is too much to expect. If that’s true, I’d like to start the bidding at The quality of some of the responses here shouldn’t be overlooked.

People complain about 17 being unusable in Mojave, which is not true. Lots of noise that doesn’t contribute to the discussion. As far as the number of employees, I think guessing veers into the “speculating” category that we’re asked to refrain from in the forums. I am good friends with many people at FMI and I don’t know how many. I don’t worry. I know they’re working hard to make the platform perfect for us.

We are in a cycle that will eventually be broken, because it always happens in IT, particularly as business and large organisations will not accept continous change, there will be a backlash and the likes of IBM and SalesForce, who have publicly been announcing their adoption of Macs, will kick back and demand stability and continuity.

Apple will need to decide if it is only interested in consumers or leave business to Microsoft and Google, Linux or some new upstart as they did with servers. Microsoft appear to have got it, with weekly announcements of new features gradually released within Office No fanfare, no version change, no backwards compatibility issues, just a quiet announcement of something new.

AVLA gives FileMaker the same opportunity if they choose to take it, rather than an annual cycle of bug fixes and no new functionality. Currently, we have about 6-months opportunity to use the current versions of Mac OS X and FileMaker before the cycle starts again. We have no responsibility or influence over these, many are in non-English languages. Even solutions that rely on browsers are not immune from compatibility issues, Safari v12 removed NPAPI, as did Chrome before, that has broken many things until they get fixed.

Yup, higher complexity for us, not our users and cost, but none of the day-to-day issues being raised above. We do feel the pain expressed here, but eventually the industry will wake up and smell the roses.

Citing a famous sci-fi movie android: this is madness! We came to the point were botched OS updates turn devices into bricks. So based on the current schedule Since a patch is expected this month. You are of course expecting the patch to fix the issues and not introduce new issues as has happened in the past disappearing scripts.

Personally I’ve been running Server 17 on Mojave without too many issues except for remote user counts not being released. I haven’t done any major development work in 6 months as I’m waiting for things to settle down before I incorporate new UI schemas. I enjoy developing and exploring now ways to utilise FM for our Business processes. But I will not complain to much after 6 years of service without a breakdown.

I can’t care less than I do about not having metal on a machine which will run Filemaker Server for its whole life, without a screen attached to it.

This is not exactly what I call “without problems”, but it does allow clients having problems with their old macmini servers who HAVE to buy new hardware to get the latest MacMini , install High Sierra and run FMS 15 on it.

Our clients do not care about having the latest OS from Apple. What they care about is to be able to replace a dying – worn out – old – machine with a new one and have exactly the same stuff they had working the same way they are used to. Because for them Apple is a hardware company and Filemaker a software company.

And this simple truth goes often forgotten. You’re welcome. Only a couple extra steps, since recovery mode is required for reinstallation anyhow. If there is any solace, WebDirect is compatible with Mojave If there’s one thing that OS upgrades generally don’t break, that is functionality of the web.

Has the time has come to build for webdirect and ios only? That might be the road happiness. As mentioned elsewhere, we have a couple few? We’ve now disabled the Mac OS upgrade notifications. FMP 15 is installed on those particular Macs and seems to be working fine, so they will stay there for now.

The next version will be 17 unless our test group meets problems, then it’ll be This is business, not “arts and crafts” no offense intended to artists and these non-synchronized version cycles are costly. As developers, we need to run older versions – as long as there are customers who are running those.. We do have VM’s, but it’s easier to work directly on the os of the machine, especially under macOS Windows is better, faster, will startup fast,.

It was me who put the 3 months statement. There is no problem with the fact that these things require work and work takes time. Then there is a target audience called ‘citizen’ developer’. People without an admins knowledge. For everyone and especially for a less tech-savvy audience, those incompatibility issues must be clearly advertised at the places the go to look.

Otherwise they get caught between Apples’ and FMI’s marketing steamrollers who both say: just use it, just go for it. Its all easy and hassle-free. Well, at times it is not, because of the compatibility issues. To be clear: the problem starts with the OS vendor. FMI has limited power over this. But: the right information at the right time at the right place prevents people from getting trapped and is good customer care.

Again for a point of perspective, Microsoft broke their own software as per my original post. Their own update broke their own software and their response and eventual resolution was that a resolution would be released in 2-months. In other words, anyone using their own software, that they broke, had to go without for 2-months. Thank goodness the community within the above link saved the day.

FileMaker are at the behest of Apple, who keep changing things without any continuity consideration, which has always been the case. It is ironic that we have no Windows compatibility issues.

By the way, this was delivered today and I’ve already found a really good use for it:. We’re introducing a new syncing model for sharing calendars in Outlook for Mac. These changes will bring improved reliability and performance of calendar sharing in Outlook for Mac based on the use of REST technology. This message is associated with Microsoft Roadmap ID: Older hardware?

VMware ESXi 6. Many OS options there! And some older Macs can support various Linux distros – great tutorials a Google search away. I really appreciate all the discussion that this has generated.

Yes, it started out as a rant because I wanted the discussion to start and was hoping for exactly what has happened. Generally, a very civil discussion on the state of things and others’ frustration with the delay in the updates. I have read each and every response, and I have been thinking about them all weekend through today.

I have come up with a few things that I would like to throw out for consideration by the community and FMI if you are reading this. I’m just thinking about FileMaker for the next 20 years. I think as a community we need to keep an eye on FileMaker Today, Next Week, Next Year and when we build solutions for our clients, how long we can make them work and last.

Until then I will sleep well, thinking about your post. I’ll report back. This is one of the great benefits of going to DevCon.

You can sit and talk with people like Clay one of the primary developers of the Draco engine , and other engineers. You can hear about the vision, what they are working on, and also as important, why they are not working on other things. This year, it was talked about, the underlaying technology.

They are make a large shift. The idea is that they can switch out the technology under the hood, and nothing changes for us. But it allows for both performance, and faster shifts when technology changes. It’s a long term plan. One similar to other areas of the platform that have already seen massive under the hood changes.

We are already starting to see the benefits of changes like that. We will also see more as new stuff is introduced into the platform. The development methodology is not terribly relevant to the product. FileMaker’s testing process is fairly extensive.

That is the reason it takes so long. They do the beta testing, and go through the whole process. Then when the gold master is updated, they do it again. And when the final shipping release happens, they do the process again. That would have caused some serious for many software platforms. I’m available should you have any questions. Feel free to reach out via PM. Good call on the 8GB, much more cost effective to upgrade with 3rd party chips.

Another strategy, should you buy additional units, or require more storage, is to use external NVMEs Thunderbolt 3 compatible enclosure. Thank you jormond! This is valuable information. All this is invisible to those who did not attend DevCon.

One important learning: you can have problems, delays. Be proactive in your communication. People customers will support you in any way they can. The worst thing to do is keeping silent and leaving people in the dark.

They don’t have the time to do it in the Roadmap video, though it does show kind of where they are headed. They are definitely in a hard place.

They are being more transparent, and it’s been great. At the same time, publishing the info that I was able to glean during presentations, and side conversations with FMI staff, requires a lot of time. The more people they hire to what is essentially marketing, the fewer people they can have on the engineering team. So, for us, it’s a toss up. We want more info, we want it easier to find, but we also want them working on bug fixes and new features to keep the platform moving.

I don’t envy that position. We try to help as much as we can. They are open to sharing more with us, and being more involved watch the DIGFM recent meetup , but that won’t likely happen until after this next release cycle. As I’m reading the replies to this discussion, a pop-up appears on the screen:. As mentioned either in this thread or other related ones, we’re living in the golden age of FileMaker as far as I’m concerned. They’ve never been more open about what they’re doing now and what they expect to do in the future.

I can imagine that no one has boring days at FMI. Hope they will maintain a reasonable ratio between engineers and marketing workforce. My sports was rowing and we had this joke:. Boat race day. Boat 1 is manned by 8 rowers and one coax. Boat 2 is manned by 8 coaxes and 1 rower.

Who wins? I salute them for having opened up. My guess is that communication can still be improved. Good points, I agree, but I wanted to add a few thoughts from how I have managed OSX on networks for companies in the past, mostly because you will be less stressed if you avoid it instead of fighting it. I have managed MAC’s on networks for years, really I do not release the newest OSX until at least 6 to 9 months after it has been released.

I do this because I just do not have time to trouble shoot their inconsideration when releasing a platform that will not work with other applications they also own or for that matter a third party may own, not to mention any potential security threats that have not been found yet.

I have often thought that the new OSX releases should be bi-yearly with major updates to the existing ones yearly. Really IT should not be releasing any OSX or iOS major releases yet, they should still be testing them out in their own environment before they hit anyone else. While I share your frustration that FileMaker Pro 17 isn’t yet compatible with Mojave, I would like to make a few points:. I also use FMP 17 with Mojave, and it too seems to work fine.

I had some initial issues with older plugins, but updates remedied that. I don’t use Mojave on any of my FileMaker Servers, and have always been slow to update server OS anyway, out of caution. I use high-end digital audio software Pro Tools on one of my Macs, which is still running High Sierra. Every time a new OS is released, Avid Pro Tools’ owner company stresses that Pro Tools users shouldn’t update until they’ve had a chance to certify that Pro Tools will work with the new OS, and if necessary, they release an update.

Pro Tools, like FileMaker, isn’t yet certified to be compatible with Mojave. A little, but I’d rather know going in, instead of suffering through having to downgrade the OS. My guess is that FMI has hit significant obstacles which have prevented them from releasing a Mojave-compatible update; I assume they’re vigorously working on it. Even though Apple Inc. Having run a FileMaker hosting company for 20 years, and having been a loyal Mac user for 33 years, I’ve learned to be patient with OS updates and application updates.

Nobody’s going to die if I don’t update a server’s OS; nobody’s going to be in danger if I don’t upgrade a server box Because people spend money and get faster cars, faster internet, faster everything and expect to squeeze more life and action and professional results from a single minute, and this HW-SW combo just does not deliver it. I think it is a stretch to put it out there as a universal fact, so it’d be good if we qualify these things and provide more specifics.

The FM platform is just that: a platform. How it behaves is largely dependent on how we use it. My experience is not that things are slower than before for instance. I think both you and your clients are really going to like FM on the new Mac minis. Lightyears ahead of the previous models in every dimension. I recommend working with them to upgrade their solution to FMS 17, to ensure maximum stability, security, and performance. Regarding pricing. On the receipt, Macs and iOS devices are often more expensive than their counterparts, but there are so many other expensive variables in play.

OS licensing, reliability, support hours, user satisfaction, etc. Many enterprise customers are starting to realize Apple’s significant value for their businesses. Check out this report.

Recently, IBM — who have deployed nearly , Macs in the past two years — have provided concrete data to support this claim. Plus, out of those tickets that are opened, only five percent of Mac users end up requiring an in-person visit. PC boasts a troublesome 27 percent of tickets that require IT visits. While these stats are for the largest Mac deployment in the enterprise, the trend applies to smaller organizations who add Macs to their environment.

Heads are spinning! Apple’s focus on security and privacy have a lot to do with the fact that Apple, Inc. Their workforce is massive, and the IP technology they protect is Apple designs it’s products for end-users, yes, but at the OS and internal hardware level, they’re designing much of the architecture for the enterprise.

Good question. Apple is doing their best to ensure MacOS, and other products offer the best in security, performance, and reliability.

FileMaker too! I want to be a little careful because for the most part I thought that the OS wars were over. I get a little antsy when people try hard to convince me that one OS is better than the other. I’m OS agnostic and will use the one that best fits the task at hand. An OS for me is not a life-style choice. It’s a tool. So for me: heads are not really spinning.

People tend to use what make sense to them. It’s when we get dogmatic that we tend to skew things and use something outside where it fits. I don’t believe that corporations are evil or not evil. I do believe that they all have security front-most in their priorities these days and they all deliver that as best as they can. I may be reading the tone of this thread wrong but it seems to me that it is trying to prove that Apple products are superior in their security focus.

Which is not something I subscribe to. From what I see, all OSes are striving very hard to deliver security first. May be not everyone’s cup of tea. It is not coincidental that leisure time became a luxury. The OS and application vendors have no choice but keeping an advantage in the race between system makers and system breakers. And often enough, they have to catch up. This is live in the age of all things connected.

Cranking out a major release every year with a batch of often immature new features is a questionable practise. Different approaches are possible. In the consumer world this is not much of a problem and keeps sales figures up.

In the business world which has significantly longer cycle times this causes problems and headaches. But who dares and makes the first step when the entire industry is riding that train? As a business owner and business consultant, it wouldn’t hurt my feelings to slow down the release cycles a bit. Declaring an annual release feels pushed, and in practice, releases come before they’re fully baked. This is true of OS’s and the applications we run on them.

I’m pitching for rollouts that are not crippled by artificial time constraints. Let’s get the code stable before we throw it to at the users.

I’m in agreement, to each his own. If only the millions of developers working on thousands of distributions of NIX, coding different packages all trying to accomplish the same thing could work together a bit more often. Where they do, more innovation, performance, and security, arises. Where they do, true innovation, performance, and security, arise. That implies that anything else is false innovation, false performance and false security. Not trying to pick a fight here, but let’s keep it clean and OS agnostic throughout.

We’re here to help people with the FM platform features. One of its most powerful features is that it is multi-platform. So we can each have our own favorite platform without being made to feel that we’re ignorant because the other platform is supposedly better.

That would create an atmosphere where people do not feel like they can share safely. I edited the true to more as you were writing your reply. It works much better! There’ve been discussions regarding Mojave compatibility, concerns about the disparity between MacOS and FileMaker releases, concerns regarding High Sierra compatibility with new Mac devices – all helped by knowledgeable participants, with great ideas, solutions, and opinions.

Do you feel ignorant, or unsafe in this thread’s atmosphere? No Wim doesn’t. We all have a responsibility to do our best to encourage open, constructive, discussion. He was simply pointing out that saying one OS is better than the other doesn’t do that. It would make Windows professionals who may have a client that is a Mac shop, a touch uneasy to ask a question.

There’ve been discussions regarding Mojave compatibility, concerns about the disparity between MacOS and FileMaker releases, concerns regarding High Sierra compatibility with new Mac devices. Yep, but none of that made any allusion to one OS being better than the other; which is where the tone of thread was drifting towards beyond the original scope of the thread. I don’t. But these threads serve a wide community of members, most of whom never ask a question or participate in a thread. But these threads get read a lot, so it is important to take a stance to be OS neutral, and if you express a favorite to make sure you qualify it as just that: your own opinion.

It’s important not to postulate things in the absolute. And yes, we have opinions; nothing wrong with that. Expect them to be challenged. I think that Wim feeling ignorant or unsafe is one of the signs of the apocalypse. Unlike MS Windows, Apple is willing to rework the basement, release after release, year after year – if it delivers better security and privacy. I hear you, though I believe Apple is highly considerate in their efforts.

I have no qualms about the above statements. When folks have valid frustrations regarding Apple or FileMaker – be they about compatibility, hardware, or pricing, or when more pessimistic views are aired – and there are many, many such views in this thread – I’m going to offer solid solutions, ideas, and language in support of Apple and FileMaker efforts. But let’s be honest. FileMaker is an Apple company, this forum is served from Apple IPs, notification emails being sent from Apple email servers, and this server is probably hosted in an Apple datacenter.

I’m sure the folks at FileMaker and Apple are comfortable with the ‘tone’ of my responses on this thread. This community supports great discussions about Windows and now Linux – which is fantastic.

Multi-platform FM is an asset to the FileMaker community, developers and end-users. It’s wise. It’s smart. It’s probably the best way to leverage the modern enterprise – and encourage iOS device adoption.

Same with Linux, my second love. Windows, er, not so much. But don’t expect unfair critiques, or comments on Windows related threads. Wim, I respect your extensive contributions, breadth of experience, and standing in the community. You rock.

I’m an Apple technician, a developer, a solutions integrator, a salesman. This is who I am. I’ll take your stance into consideration, and ensure my contributions are most meaningful. Many MacOS improvements are security and privacy related. Unlike Windows, Apple is willing to rework the basement, release after release, year after year – if it delivers better security and privacy.

Developer betas are available for a reason. Software developers that dedicate a portion of their resources towards compatibility updates for new MacOS releases make the release dates.

MS Office, antivirus companies, Adobe – they really have no other option given the number of users they support, but a lot of the smaller developers, Agilebits, MacPaw, Panic, get it done. Apple sure does keep the development community working, working, working. Not a bad thing in my opinion, they’re always on to the next best thing! I have a personal policy of not trying any new MacOS update until someone else in my office tries it first.

I’ll pretend like Mojave doesn’t exist until at least the first 2 patches. Apple should take note of what Microsoft has done with their developer previews and insiders releases because the risk of upgrading to a poorly tested OS is simply too great for many businesses. Be polite. Everyone should feel comfortable reading Submissions and participating in discussions. FileMaker will not tolerate flames or other inappropriate statements, material, or links. Most often, a “flame” is simply a statement that is taunting and thus arbitrarily inflammatory.

However, this also includes those which are libelous, defamatory, indecent, harmful, harassing, intimidating, threatening, hateful, objectionable, discriminatory, abusive, vulgar, obscene, pornographic, sexually explicit, or offensive in a sexual, racial, cultural, or ethnic context.

Post constructive comments and questions. Unless otherwise noted, your Submission should either be technical support or business question or answer. Constructive feedback about product features is welcome as well. Just two of the points in “Section 2” of Community Use Agreement. While I do agree with those saying that we should expect problems, and then recommend to the bosses that they do not upgrade which I’m doing , our company is expanding rapidly and requiring new Mac laptops to be purchased.

We are forced to be on the latest OS with all of the new people entering. Our workaround currently is to have them open a Windows Remote session to use FileMaker which they dislike using in Windows , but at least there aren’t UI glitches. I think might be a problem that FileMaker is stuck in the Java world. I’m guessing those UI issues are related to Java windowing issues, or is that a bad guess? The individuals concerned are laboratory technicians using two of our more complex database systems hundreds of scripts, some quite long.

We’re watching them closely incase we need to move them to 16 or 17, but so far it’s been okay. Just to offer a tiny datapoint. I’m somewhat puzzeled by the ‘community use agreement’, to be constructive. So, having Mac-users to work with remote desktop to a Windows machine is a good and effective way to run FileMaker 17! We have customers who are happy to run FileMaker 17 on their Mac’s under mojave with the workarounds available resetting the dialoges, etc.

Let’s do an example with Joe Doe, who has an issue with a software that costs him time to resolve. After having this for three times, Joe writes to the local support, in a not so nice way. Support reads that and says ‘omg’, rephrases Joe’s mail and forwards that to the next level of support.

NL support reads that and feels not so happy with the wording, does some corrections and sends that mail to the dev. Dev reads that mail and is somewhat confused, asking a colleague. Colleague reads it and says ‘oh, seems that it’s an user from europe, he want’s to say ‘hi”. Plans are afoot to transition away from the Java environment over the next couple of releases. Clay mentioned it in one of his deep dive videos from DevCon.

Server side I believe. Around the 4 minute mark. He indicated that Java and the Tomcat implementation framework. They are moving to Node. Truly maddening. So, great finally Apple releases new Mac minis. Oh, and great they moved the goal post from November to December. An update is planned for FileMaker Pro 17 Advanced in the December timeframe to address these issues. An update is planned for FileMaker Server 17 in December The timing and scope of these updates are subject to change at the sole discretion of FileMaker, Inc.

Keep in mind, there is a lot under the hood to deal with for this Mojave update. It is not trivial. I agree it is a hassle to deal with, especially if you have to purchase new Macs. But the whole IT industry is having trouble with some of the changes. Even those companies that did have zero-day support have commented on the complexity and challenge of making the updates to work with Mojave. Much of it is security changes. So there are a lot of behind-the-scenes approaches that no longer work.

Finding ways to make them work are not easy. This is very much a case of FileMaker, Inc. We are getting the same thing from various vendors, not just FileMaker. That’s how the 2nd time they’ve changed it. I am starting to think that maybe I just move to Windows for all my development work except for FileMaker Go and just use my Mac for everything else.

What is the basis for this comment? I guess this discussion is going unnoticed by FMI. I had a setup with 4 27″ monitors. Two of those monitors were running on DisplayLink adapters. They worked great until the drivers were broken with the The problem is that they are still broken. But, guess what? They work perfectly in Mojave. I can tell you, being able to work on 4 screens at once is a huge benefit.

Especially for someone who has the short term memory I have Namely, that I don’t have any short term memory. How much fun will that be if we have to build FileMaker Go solutions in Windows?

Just reading back, maybe I missed it. Can you articulate exactly what problems you are facing? I only know of a few, and those ones aren’t deal breakers. I am genuinely curious. I’d be up for reproducing anything that is not known, and helping to supply FileMaker with more info about what is broken. MacOS will always be supported in FileMaker. There’s nothing in the update information that says otherwise, and speculating as such is not useful to anyone, nor is it allowed on here, in FileMaker’s community posts.

There are many folks at FileMaker watching this thread. Most of this thread is useful to them. The known issues with Dark Mode and things not being visible are pretty substantial for me.

There are only 2 developers in my company, we use Macs, and are 2 of the 3 people using Macs at the company now. There used to be more but were transitioned because of another apps issues. Other than Dark mode which I don’t consider an issue , I’ve never seen any ‘things not being visible”. When I first upgrade the OS, I didn’t see the operator buttons in the dialog, but I never use those, and there’s an easy way to reset the GUI in one step. At Geist Interactive, we upgraded day one and haven’t had any issues.

Frustrating and I see no outreach from FM to compensate its customers for the failure. Clearly FM has early and minimally beta access to macOS versions for development. Have to inform you I deleted my post that you answered, since it was noted “under moderation”. Never saw that in my life I changed my comment. None of our servers are on mac machines. I do not think of issues of My fault. Not FMS We use windows machines for server.

What about Mac only shops? What are you seeing them do? Because I didn’t “Delete” it or set it for Moderation. For what? Don’t upgrade your server to Mojave. That’s not hard to comply with. This conversation is heading back into the ridiculous. So when you are stopping the Web publishing engine, it may crash. Restart it. I agree, this is a rough on IF you are using the Web server for something.

This may be a big deal for you. Again, though, why is your server on Mojave? It will run on Sierra or High Sierra. There is only one scenario I can think of that forces you to install FMS17 on Mojave with no other choice. These are deal breakers for moving to FileMaker staff are watching this thread, and all other threads.

It is a fact. Had a conversation with at least 4 different FileMaker, Inc. A fix is coming. It will come when they have sufficiently fixed the problem. It’s not really fair for us to try and tell them how long it should take. No different than someone that is not a developer to tell us how long it should take to build a feature or fix a bug for them.

They wait until FMS is ready for Mojave. I don’t see that as unreasonable. FMS 17 works very well on High Sierra, right? It’s not like we’re suddenly without server. New Mac minis all Macs only ships with We are indeed using Web server for several integrations. It lasts for me. That’s weird it doesn’t last for you. In your case, I see, the new machines are greatly needed.

I get the problem. For other macOS-only shops, it might not be such a great need. Have you considered a hosting service until the patch is released?

If you must stick to Mac hardware then get a new powerful piece of hardware and put VMware on it, run Windows or a supported macOS virtualized. Seems that this would work without too much hassle until a fix is in.

For running FMS I don’t really see the lack of Mojave support as a big deal-breaker at this point since the number of deployments you’d need to cate for is going to be manageable. Try what maxlatitude pointed out. External drive, with High Sierra as boot drive. That will give you the new mini with High Sierra until a patch can be released.

And a fairly inexpensive stopgap. Since i never use them, I totally forgot they’re missing. It’s fine. I barely even have the function list open either.

All type-ahead for me. To wimdecorte Thanks you. Appreciate the idea. It’s somewhat part of ‘create Your own app’. Any until the public release is just speculation. That is just the way it is. Apple and FMI do not respond to bug advices only by advertising that Mo NDA to send in as email to:. Dark mode is running well with screen pictures that are made for. FMPA 17 runs only for exec but not for dev. But shutttt Launch of macOS Why is FileMaker always so late to the game?

Other developers are ready for Mojave, yet, the “subsidiary” of Apple is not. This happens with every release, as if the beta has not been out there for months. I don’t get it. What kind of Mac is it? Yes, that’s sad. I also agree that there are many features or bug fixing in the task list but OS compatibility should be on top. FM want us to use the latest version, Apple want us to use their latest version. But we can not do that.

I am not an apologist or fanboy for any particular piece of software or software company, but there’s a lot going on behind the scenes, and a lot for any development team and management to weigh when deciding how to allocate engineering resources. On one end of the spectrum there are the Microsofts and Adobes of the world that have hundreds or thousands of developers. They likely have entire teams of dozens of people dedicated solely to working on compatibility for individual operating systems.

On the other end of the spectrum, there are the little boutique apps and app developers who don’t have to support multiple OS-es, multiple OS versions, etc It’s a lot easier to keep up to date when your only platform is iOS.

When a single person Clay can sit on the stage at a DevCon session and answer deep, thoughtful questions about the inner workings of FM Pro, how it communicates with server, how it parses SQL-style queries, etc Additionally, during OS beta cycles, the feature set is a moving target. There is solid evidence that Apple drops features, APIs, etc I firmly believe that FM, and any software company, is doing all it can to make the best decisions on how to allocate engineering resources.

They gain nothing by upsetting their customers, and gain everything by keeping as many of their customers as happy as possible. So anyway I, myself, will likely try it out this coming weekend when I have time to roll it back if it blows up on me, and not lose billable hours in the process. I will reply with my experience as soon as I can assess.

I’ve been listening to a number of podcasts, including the MacAdmins podcast. They have talked often about the number of very significant changes happening throughout the beta process with We have to ask ourselves, what is more important, zero-day support?

Or continued development of new features. Whether we like it or not, the speed of development isn’t going to change. FileMaker has the resources they have. And they put a VERY significant percentage of their revenue directly back into engineering. Keep in mind that ‘Mojave’ does not necessarily mean “voluntary update from an impatient existing user”; it could perfectly be a new FileMaker user who just own a brand new Mac; or an existing FileMaker user who had to buy a new Mac because the existing was dead.

A compatibility update is planned. We are trying to hold off buying any new machines until after October, in case there is a hardware update.

Hey Josh, please be serious : this link was posted many times today, especially in this thread. What do you mean? The first 2 paragraphs talk about the planned update and timing.

I too was tricked into reading it 4 times. Which is why it’s both funny and serious!! Honestly if your going to buy a new computer in the next month it is more probable that its not going to have Mojave preinstalled.

That being said I would have expected an update within weeks not months. Considering the mostly cosmetic issues. I do enjoy everyones speculation why it takes so long. I would bet the contrary : Apple is very experimented in this game. My last comment, just a citation afterward you will have the last word, i promise :. I guess that would be true if you buy directly from Apple. They are notoriously good at managing their supply chain.

But any 3rd party reseller isn’t going to crack out inventory and update the OS. Most places have stock sitting on shelves for a couple weeks at the least. Usually, customers wait for newest models which is expected for Oct.

FM16 and Mojave – specify field dialog box issue – randomly empty – randomly showing fields. They been good about replacing them most of the time, but I had one incident with them where they gave me a lot of hassle and made ammeter mistakes when diagnosing the computer the drive was installed in. Support within days of release, not 60 or 90 days down the road. Mojave like each and every update contains bug fixes and security enhancements, which in the case of Mojave is even more true because it’s similar to the Snow Leopard release, a refinement to the OS.

It’s not like I’m asking for Dark Mode support or even immediate support for Mojave’s newest features, beyond basic bug fixes and security enhancements.

I’m simply asking for basic compatibility, so I can take advantage of bug fixes and security enhancements in Mojave for end users and developers within days. A server update would be nice too, but I’m less concerned on that end since it’s not exposed to novice end-users. Waiting days for a server update is fine. In all the known bugs are not show stoppers. I just think waiting months is just a bit too long. I’ve been using FileMaker since Claris , so it’s not like I’m new to this scene.

I then had it replaced with a OWC. All they stated is I should send new Report if problem still consists with Golden Master. How old was the original SSD? They do fail. I had an internal OWC SSD but it melted after a year and left residue all over the inside of my 15″ MBP and another was defective on arrival but we didn’t realise it right away. No issues. I serious doubt Apple placed restrictions on installing Mojave on 3rd party SSD drives or that the beta damaged your drive. In my 30 years of managing Macs, that really makes no sense to me, unless there was a faulty firmware upgrade.

An hourly backup on Time Machine should be more than enough for data integrity. In all honesty, i stopped buying anything from OWC. I’ve had too many issues with their gear over the years and their management has gotten a little too cocky for my taste.

Success does that sometimes. In my last incident they made so many amateur mistakes that I gave up on them. Plus, their Thunderbolt-3 solutions are shit. Software RAIDs are cheaper to make and I’m sure it boosts their profit margins but if you ever have to do a complete rebuild, especially with a laptop, you’ll quickly learn that’s not the way to go. That’s important when rebuilds can take a day or days with larger drives. Plus, hardware RAID are simply going to be more reliable since the software is fixed in the firmware.

It just doesn’t run. So leave your servers alone. Unrelated to Mojave, but I found the same hanging on ODBC imports when it was importing into a table where there were auto-enter functions on a field. I ended up having to import with no auto-enters and then manipulate the data. That has improved with the current version, but occasionally still happens. This was on windows platform. Don’t know if that is possibly related, but I thought it sounded similar, so I thought I’d mention it.

Both failed will not install. Yes correct FM No luck. You seem to have some other kind of issue. Did you upgrade from High Sierra to Mojave or did you do a clean install? I first did an upgrade and had weird issues.

So I did a clean install and used migration assistant to restore from a backup. So I reinstalled over it, without erasing the disk, and it booted up fine. It seemed to be some kind of weird cache or permissions issues, which makes sense if your restoring from a backup with years of cruft on it. The increased security measures probably conflicted with something.

Do you have any third-party utilities installed? For example, anti-virus software? If so, make sure those are all turned off before installing. If you are still having difficulty, contact our Technical Support department at toll-free North America.

If you are outside of North America, contact the FileMaker office nearest you. I did a clean install of Mojave on a MacBook Pro. Re-downloaded FMPA We are trying to hold off buying any new machines until after October,. Nothing official. Just the rumor mill. If we can hold off until October, and they release something worthy, we don’t have to buy 4 year hardware at brand new prices.

If they don’t, well, we don’t have a choice then. We have dozens of machines that are getting too old to run the most recent OS. I had an existing install of FileMaker 17 on HighSierra. Last night, I ran the update for Mojave. If run into anything significant I’ll update my comment. This appears to be a problem specific to your computer? Have you tried running a full Apple diagnostic on your computer?

Use internet recovery on your MBP to download and install Mojave directly from the internet. We need those operators. You can just type the text for the operators yourself. Oh, I thought they were non existent! OTOH, not everyone remember what operator does what.

Your cheat-sheet is below. But honestly, the only symbol I’ve ever used this list for on a Windows machine is the return character, as I’m not sure there’s a way to do that from the keyboard. Everything else is on your keyboard. It’s not I that needs a cheat sheet. I was referring to my clients. You can also copy them all from this page I wish it were that simple on Windows.

I can enter the ascii code for the symbol itself, which works, but it’s not an easy or obvious one to remember. Maybe I’m the only person who knows that a return is ascii 13, so ALT is what I’ve always tried in the past and that doesn’t work. I’ll have to try to remember ALT And this Knowledge Base article many versions! This is all useful advice and very helpful – but aren’t you spending your time on somehow fixing something that is clearly on FMI’s plate?

As an Apple subsidiary they should have fixed that ready for the Mojave release – it can’t be that difficult.


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