donation of trolleys to tamale abattoir

The management of Tamale Abattoir has recently received two trolleys to help move downers from the lairage or waiting trucks into the abattoir. This development comes after a joint inspection by WACPAW and EonA revealed the distressing practice of dragging downers on their bellies into the abattoir for slaughter. The team quickly recommended urgent action to curb this situation, with EonA mobilizing funds to manufacture the trolleys. WACPAW has since delivered the trolleys to the abattoir, much to the appreciation of the management and workers. This initiative will reduce the time taken to move downers into the abattoir and alleviate the pain and stress of the animals during the process. Kudos to WACPAW and EonA for their intervention, and to Ahmed Satar for handing over the trolleys to the managers.