Donation of Trolley to the bolgatanga abattoir

EonA and Wacpaw team donated a trolley to the Bolgatanga abattoir to ease the movement of downers to the slaughter zone. The downers hitherto were dragged on their bellies which caused them serious injuries and pain. The Chief butcher couldn’t thank us more for the support and promise to ensure the equipment was fully utilized and maintained. Earlier in the day, the team paid a courtesy call on the Municipal Chief Executive Officer of Bolgatanga at his private residence. We briefed him about our programs in his municipality and asked for his support to improve the human-animal relationship and general welfare of animals in his jurisdiction. He welcomed us into the municipality and pledged to give us all the support we need to enhance our work and improve the lives of the animals. He requested the team to adopt his Monkey into our rescue shelter since he was becoming difficult to control. We’ll be taking him there in the coming days.