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As a comic collector, you want to know what you already have and where your collection can use some improvement. You also want to do so quickly because there are more comics to find and read and the last thing you want to do is spend too much time managing your collection.

This is where a database software dedicated to comic book collectors is very useful. Many of these programs were developed by collectors just like you and they know what you want, what’s important, and which features may just be unnecessary fluff. The features in comic software tend to be similar from one developer to the next. Most will allow you to input your collection, track where you might be missing an issue or two, and let you build a wish list for your stash.

These are important for the serious collector, particularly if you’re investing in your collection and concerned about its value. Even if you’re a casual or beginning comic collector , you’ll find that these programs will enhance your enjoyment as your collection grows.

You won’t have to physically search boxes to know which issues you have or which character made an appearance in a which books, the database takes care of all of it. In short, the benefits of migrating your comic collection into a dedicated software program are many:.

If you’re concerned about buying software and looking for a free option, consider this: you invested in your comic book collection. What’s a few more dollars to ensure that you have a tracking program that does what you want, makes collecting more enjoyable, and won’t be a waste of your time?

Let’s be honest, free is not always better and to get the most out of your comic tracking software, it’s likely that you will have to pay a little bit. It really is worth it, particularly if you’re going to put the time and effort into adding your entire collection to the database. Before you purchase, though, you should take full advantage of the free trial that many of these companies offer.

It may even be best to try a number of them with a small selection 50 or so of your comics. Compare each software and see how it works for you. Everyone is different and each collector has their own priorities and preferences for managing their collection.

You may really enjoy the interface and value-tracking features of ComicBase or you might find that you like the typing-free feature of Comic Collector Live. Either way, you really won’t know until you try it out. Large comic book collections require an in-app purchase to unlock unlimited storage. I like most of what this app offers.

If someone has put in a title you will find it in the database it picks up info from the scanning bar. Still not a bad deal. The only thing I think it needs is way to put in a title that has no scanning strip or is not in the database.

The should be a manual entry without barcode. Please add one to this app. Also some people would like to see a internet search for the issue their entering to cover ones that are not in the database. The app works well and was very easy to use. The more users it has, should also improve the experience since it’s a collection of all users input.

It’s a bit time consuming to build a collection, even with this apps help. So be prepared. Suggestions to sort it: 1. Allow people to alter the view on the desktop app like: icon size changing or list view 2. Change “series” to “volume”, with numeric Data entry too often do I see inaccurate series data, also I see personal data filled in here too 3. Allow peoples comments to be seen on main page, under where it says series have it pull from the personal tab, so if doesn’t affect others 4.

Change variant to fill with Letters automatically 5. Have same name format surname order. Make publishers universal ex. Maybe it’s too costly, but have someone or ones check data entry especially if someone edits someone’s previous data. Remove misspelt names and publishers I don’t know if it’s helpful, but thank you.

It would be nice if metadata about each issue could be pulled from an online database especially a rough idea on current value. Maybe that will appear in a future version.

The following data may be collected but it is not linked to your identity:. Privacy practices may vary, for example, based on the features you use or your age.



– The Best Apps For Comic Book Collectors | Tech Times

ComicBase, the world’s leading comic book management software program, is now available at its most affordable price ever—free. The ComicBase’s Free edition is the simplest way to track collections of up to comics and includes data on over one million comic listings. It also comes with all the basic features that have made ComicBase the leading program in comic book . Aug 07,  · The best applications to read comics for free from your Android tablet or mobile 1. Manga Plus. Shueisha has revolutionized the comic sector with this application. Manga Plus offers completely free of 2. WEBTOON. The big difference between WEBTOON and the rest of the apps that publish comics that. May 20,  · CDisplayEx Free Comic Reader is a fully-featured comics reader app that enables you to reed your favorite graphic novels in all formats you can imagine. It should be noted that along with large functionality this app is also very lightweight so you won’t face troubles with the phone’s memory.


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