The West Africa Centre for the Protection of Animal Welfare (WACPAW) is an animal welfare organization focused on protecting the welfare of animals during transport, slaughter and the general health and well being of animals. Our objective is to lobby with stakeholders and the authorities to draft policies aimed at improving attitudes of people towards the treatment of animals with the aim of reducing animal suffering caused by caregivers

WACPAW also focuses on how to encourage good practice prior to and during transportation, at the lairage and during the slaughter of animals. Our case is founded on the fact that slaughter houses for instance violate animal welfare standards due to the lack of animal welfare in developing countries. Issues such as whether slaughterhouses slaughter pregnant animals, transporting pregnant cows under inhuman conditions or the mal-handling of food animals.

Our Mission

To relentlessly champion the welfare of animals through training, education, and effective collaboration with key stakeholders in Africa and the world at large